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Vipera (VIP) at ShareSoc Richmond, 6 September 2016

Presentation by Marco Casartelli, CEO and Martin Perrin, CFO Length: c. 1 hour Marco Casartelli, CEO, outlines Vipera’s history, and what they do – essentially providing software to banks to enable mobile access for customers, and information on purchasing patterns to the bank. He gives examples of how this operates in practice. Their operation is […]

Trakm8 (TRAK) – Capital Markets Day presentation 7.9.16

John Watkins Executive Chairman, and James Hedges’ FD run through last year’s financial and operating highlights, recent contract wins and acquisitions. John Watkins then goes on to outline the opportunities, where R&D is being spent; the competitive landscape; and the benefits Trakm8 offer to the insurance and fleet management market. Matt Monnington, CTO demonstrates Trakm8’s […]

Bioventix – BVXP – Company overview

Introduction to Bioventix (BVXP) by Peter Harrison, CEO Length: c. 6 mins Peter Harrison, CEO, tells us what Bioventix does, and discusses the business model. Essentially BVXP develops antibodies for use in different blood testing machines manufactured by the big names: Roche, Siemens, Abbot, etc. He goes into detail about BVXP antibodies types, and why […]

Sprue Aegis ShareSoc Growth Company seminar 21st October 2015

Sprue Aegis (SPRP) – John Gahan – Group Finance Director Presents at ShareSoc Growth Company seminar 21st October 2015 A succinct overview of SPRP – their products, the legislation that drives sales, and why profits tripled in H1. John talks through the accounts. Outlines the new vision under Neil Smith, the new Chief Exec, coming […]

NWF final results 2016

Richard Whiting, CEO Updates on FY results, with PTP up 2.5% and EPS up 3%, all achieved with lower revenues, reflecting lower commodity costs, which doesn’t affect profits. The dividend is increased by 5%. CAPEX investment and 3 acquisitions has cost £10m, although debt is still only 9.9m (less that 1xEBITDA), due to NWF’s strong […]

Accesso (ASCO) at ShareSoc Richmond 7th February 2017

Presentation by Tom Burnet, Executive Chairman Length: 35 mins An overview of the company, covering the business model, where 95% of revenue comes from commission from transactions. On signing up a client, there is a visible, repetitive revenue stream for the length of the contract. Additionally, it is disruptive for a customer not to renew […]

Keywords Studios (KWS) FY Results Presentation December 2016

Presentation of full results, year ending December 2016 by Group CEO Andrew Day and Group CFO David Broderick. Introduction – 18:16 What Keywords Studios do – 1:30 A global player – 5:41 Group highlights of the year– 7:41 Financial track record – 11:37 Financial review, David Broderick CFO – 13:26 Income Statement – 13:44 Balance […]

Mello April 2016 Remuneration Q&A

What’s going on behind the scenes with Director’s salaries and their packages? What influence do shareholders have? An insightful discussion (at Mello), between David Stredder, ShareSoc Director, and Cliff Weight, Director, MM&K – Remuneration Consultants.
IG Design Group (IGR) Preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2017

IG Design Group (IGR) Preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2017

IG Design group’s CEO Paul Fineman and CFO Anthony Lawrinson talk about the Group’s Preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2017.   Paul Fineman Introduction – 00:19 Anthony Lawrinson Financials – 1:48 Paul Fineman focusing on efficiency – 2:54 Design – 3:59 Regional Performance – 4:58 Maintaining momentum (the period ahead) – 6:22 […]
Somero (SOM) Invester presentation June 2017

Somero (SOM) Invester presentation June 2017

Somero plc manufacture and sell laser screed machines used for concreting floors. Presentation by CEO, Jack Cooney, and CFO, John Yuncza. Audio and slides only. Jack Cooney, CEO: Why laser screed? – 00:16 Somero unique selling points – 00:49 Training & client support – 3:00 A Somero customer – 5:50 Applications of laser screed – […]

Corero Network Security – CNS presentation 25 February 2016

Andrew Miller, Group CFO outlines the business case for CNS Corero are in the “hot” space of providing internet protection for hosting providers, service providers and others with internet based operations. To ensure a continuous service to their clients, free from disruption of cyber attacks. At the end of 2014, the company has developed software, […]

Trakm8 (TRAK) H1 results presentation September 2016

H1 results presentation by John Watkins, CEO (Duration: c 4 mins) As indicated in the AGM presentation, H1 2017 profit and cash flow is below last year.  This is due to investment in R&D, sales and marketing, and acquisition integration costs; and the ongoing move by customers to a SaaS payment model. The characteristic H2 […]

Keywords Studios Art in Focus Teaser

Keywords Studios (KWS): Art in Focus Capital Markets Day 8.11.16 This is a teaser for the full video which can be seen here: A presentation by: Andrew Day, CEO, Keyword Studios Claude Bordeleau, CEO, Volta Fred Stockton, Head of Art, Keyword Studios Ashley Liu, CEO, Mindwalk Manvendra Shukul, CEO, Lakshya Digital An overview of the […]

Palace Capital (PCA) at ShareSoc, Richmond 2nd November 2016

Length: c. 55 mins) Neil Sinclair (CEO) presents with Stephen Silvester (FD) and Richard Starr (Exec Dir). Palace Capital was founded in 2010. Here, the management outline the history through to today. Of course, 2016 was marked by Brexit, and investors negative sentiment to real estate, although PCA have noticed no impact. Palace Capital focus […]
IG Design Group (IGR) H1 Results September 2016

IG Design Group (IGR) H1 Results September 2016

Overview by Paul Fineman, CEO (Length: c 4.5 mins) Sales, profits and EPS are all up; EPS by 50%. Of the 21% growth in sales: 5.5% is organic, 7.5% due to Laing and 8% due to foreign exchange movements. Profit is up across all territories. The Laing acquisition is integrating well, with expected synergies. The […]

Safestyle (SFE) presentation ShareSoc Altrincham, 28.10.15

Safestyle (SFE) presentation by Steve Birmingham, CEO and Mike Robinson, CFO at the ShareSoc Growth Company’s seminar in Altrincham, 28.10.15 Overview of Safestyles business: their products, their business structure (low fixed costs, high cash generation) and how they’re finding business now. In spite of the wider market decline in double-glazing, Safestyle seem to be bucking […]

Proactis (PHD) presentation at Mello Monday 19.10.15

Proactis (PHD) presentation at Mello Monday 19.10.15 By Rod Jones, CEO, and Tim Sykes, CFO An excellent introduction to Proactis: what they do, who for, and how they do it. It outlines the key aspects of the Final Year results 13.10.15 Rod covers the history from IPO in 2006, and the evolution of their strategy […]

Proactis (PHD) H1 Results investor presentation April 2017

An overview of Proactis plc and presentation of interim results by CEO Designate Tim Sykes. About Proactis – 16:00 History of growth – 2:54 Business model transition – 8:52 Re-launching the business with an M&A strategy – 10:51 Supplier commerce concept – 11:43 Track record – 12:32 2017 interim performance (H1) – 16:36 Millstream – […]