Sphere Medical ShareSoc Growth company seminar 21st October 2015

Sphere Medical Holding (SPHR)

Wolfgang Rencken, CEO

ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar 21st October 2015

Wolfgang outlines the role of their Proxima blood gas analyser to optimise the most efficient patient flow through hospitals.

Wolfgang Rencken sees the global market potential as $200m.

SPHR are well capitalised from a fund raise of £13.2m including £4m from Woodford

The next stage is to find a partner – an existing company with an international sales team, selling Proxima 4 into hospitals.

Hospital’s reluctance to change procedures is the biggest challenge to SPHR’s commercialisation. It will take time, but ultimately, if that resistance is broken down the potential is huge.


Presentation slides can be viewed here (a new window will open).

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