AdEPT Telecom – ADT – Investor presentation ShareSoc Richmond 1.3.16

Ian Fishwick, CEO and John Swait, FD talk us through ADT at the ShareSoc, Richmond event 2.3.16.

ADT have very low capex, and high recurring revenue, so generate lots of cash, “sometimes we dish it out”, says Fishwick.

Recent M&A activity over the past few years, has led to rapid growth. The Centrix acquisition May 15 has integrated well, and it maybe that, which provides the opening into some recently won local Government contracts.

Previously, ADT were focussed on bringing down debt, so revenue growth was not so progressive, but now with the acquisitions completed, and further being sought, growth is the focus.

Fishwick and Swait outline the criteria for acquisitions, and the source, and terms of financing, already in place for these.

Next update: March year end trading statement.


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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