IG Design Group (IGR) Preliminiary results March 2016

Paul Fineman, CEO talks about preliminary results for the year ended 31st March 2016, released 29th June 2016
In summary, he says:
Great results:
– Revenue +3.5%
– Pre Tax Profit +35%
– Gross margin +0.8%
– Generated 27m in operating cash flow
– Debt down 40%
– EBITDA to debt ratio x1
With a strong US performance: 34% increase in profits, and +66% increase in Australia
USA improved sales to all customers, with the new management team.
We’ve delivered a major capital investment programme in US, so we’re geared for excellent growth for year ahead.
The dividend of 2.5p, increased ahead of where management expected – due to accelerated profits and cash flow.
The growth strategy going forward:
– We not only supply gift packaging, and have moved into celebration, providing party ware
– Retail collateral: beyond just products for resale, now consumables that retailers (global brands) give away
– Design led stationery and creative play products
– Leveraging relationships with retailers and partner suppliers using our design strength, competence and dependability
– We have the best people conducting best practice
Why the change of name?
Greetings now only 10% of our activities; design is core to our offering so IG Design Group, with the brand: Design Group. This reflects the true nature of the business.
Impact of Brexit on IG Design?
We are diversified internationally with two-thirds of business outside the UK.
The one-third of revenue is manufactured in the country in which we sell. So, EU – manufactured in Holland; US – manufactured in US; UK manufacture to British and some overseas markets.
Imports coming in from the Far East are bought in US$ with currency hedged to cover the forward order book – so little fx exposure.
Overseas earnings when translated into £ will enhance our position.
We’re in a competitive market but we’re well placed, with a tremendous management team. We have the unique blend of creativity and reliability.
We’re diversified with a design led product, supplying over 150k stores; 5,000 customers in 80 countries, supported by global funding arrangements. We’re well placed for future growth.


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