Judges Scientific (JDG): an update at Mello 26.9.16

Brad Ormsby, FD. Talks through the H1 results, where trading has been difficult, and how things have been going since.

David Cicurel, CEO. Talks through the acquisitions, particularly Dia-Stron, and the general market place, and the outlook.


Presentation slides can be viewed here (a new window will open).


Videos from Judges Scientific

Judges Scientific (JDG) H1 2019 analyst presentation, September 19

With David Cicurel, CEO & Brad Ormsby, CFO A very comprehensive overview of Judges Scientific, what they do and their KPIs. What’s happened in the period. Their strategy going forward. David Cicurel, CEOIntroduction – 00:18About Judges – 01:05The Judges Group – 03:09Judges customers – 03:50Key messages – 04:45 Brad Ormsby, CFOFinancial highlights – 06:40Performance – […]
Judges Scientific (JDG) 2018 full year results presentation

Judges Scientific (JDG) 2018 full year results presentation

By David Cicurel, CEO & Brad Ormsby, CFO, present the group’s results for year end 31.12.18 Judges Scientific plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is engaged in the acquisition and development of a portfolio of scientific instrument businesses. The Company’s activities are predominantly in or in support of the design and manufacture of scientific […]
Judges Scientific (JDG) H1 Results September 2018

Judges Scientific (JDG) H1 results September 2018

Judges Scientific CEO David Cicurel and CFO Brad Ormsby present the Group’s interim results for the 6 months ending 30th June 2018. David Cicurel, CEO Introduction to JDG – 00:18 The Judges group – 02:13 Results key messages – 03:45 Brad Ormsby, CFO Financial highlights – 05:23 Performance – 07:26 Order intake – 08:29 Revenue […]
Judges Scientific (JDG) Full year results presentation 20th March 2018

Judges Scientific (JDG) Full year results presentation 20th March 2018

Full year results presentation for the year ending 31st December 2017 by David Cicural (CEO), Brad Ormsby (CFO) and new COO Mark Lavelle. David Cicural, CEO Introduction – 00:17 About Judges Scientific – 00:39 The Judges group- 02:32 Key messages from 2017 results – 3:14 Introduction of new COO Mark Lavelle – 04:12 Brad Ormsby, […]

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