Accesso (ACSO) at ShareSoc Richmond 7th February 2017

Presentation by Tom Burnet, Executive Chairman
Length: 35 mins
An overview of the company, covering the business model, where 95% of revenue comes from commission from transactions. On signing up a client, there is a visible, repetitive revenue stream for the length of the contract. Additionally, it is disruptive for a customer not to renew their contract.
IP is key, and ACSO spend more on IP than their competitors, because they’re bigger than their competitors. This is back by their “relentless commitment to service.”
Their growth strategy is through acquisition and organic growth. Tom discusses the last three acquisitions: Accesso (2012), Siriusware (2013), ShoWare (2014); and what these add to the ACSO offering. ACSO will do more acquisitions, going forward.
The growth record over the last 7 years has been impressive, and Tom believes there’s further growth to be achieved. He has a personal target of $1bn turnover. He outlines where growth might come from.
Introduction – 00:20
Company overview – 3:00
History & growth Lo Q – 6:32
History & growth Accesso acquisition – 12:00
History & growth Siriusware acquisition – 12:35
History & growth ShoWare acquisition – 14:40
Accesso today – 16:53
Locations – 19:55
Revenue history & growth – 20:59
Leadership team – 21:42
Solutions overview (products) – 22:06
R&D – 26:52
Passport – 27:43
LoQueue – 28:35
Siriusware – 30:20
ShoWare – 30:56
What separates Accesso? – 31:32
Strong foundations for the future – 33:44
Financial summary – 34:57


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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