Investing in AIM discussed at a ShareSoc Masterclass. June 2015

We’ve pulled this out of the archive, from 2015. It’s still as valid today, even if the story on some of the companies cited has changed.

Insight from David Stredder, ShareSoc Director/Mello; two ISA millionaires:
Lord John Lee & Leon Boros. And Henry Evans, Fund Manager, Killik & Co.

A beginner’s guide to the difference between AIM and the main market –
Henry Evans – 1:20

Why invest in AIM? – Henry Evans – 2:35

David Stredder’s top 16 holdings (all AIM) as at June 16, and his view
on AIM – 4:08

Leon Boros’s: views on AIM – 7:30

Selection process for AIM shares? Henry Evans – 8:40

Tax advantages of AIM – Leon Boros – 9:50

What wouldn’t you touch on AIM? David Stredder – 10:35

Selection of shares: Anpario, Concurrent Technologies, Lok’n Store –
Lord Lee – 11:46

AIM regulation – Leon Boros – 14:06

What frustrates you most about AIM? David Stredder – 16:32

Enforcement of AIM rules – Henry Evans – 17:45

Q&A NOMADS – 18:40

Q&A: Averaging down – 22:28

Q&A: Is there a difference between AIM and small caps on the main
market? And, is AIM more inefficiently priced? – 29:45


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