MiFID II & the private investor

piworld interviews Robert Mundy, co-founder of Research Tree, to understand how MiFID II legislation, coming into effect from January 2018, will affect the research available to the retail investor.


How is research currently paid for? – 0:39

How will MiFID II change how research is paid for?  – 1:46

How will MiFID II affect the retail investor? – 2:57

Will the private investor still be able to get forecasts (PTP, EPS, Rev) on the various investor platforms? – 5:41

Will private investors be able to get the full broker notes, through Research Tree, or through our broker? – 8:19

Does Brexit make MiFID II null and void?  – 10:38

Who are the winners and losers of MiFID II? – 11:30

Conclusion: the net effect of MiFID II for the private investor in mid and small caps: 14:36




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