Behavioural Investing: Interview with Clare Flynn Levy, Essentia Analytics

Clare Flynn Levy founder of Essentia Analytics gives us insight into the behavioural aspects of investing.

Clare covers the issues of selling your losers, over confidence and over trading. She emphasises outperformance all comes down to you. Citing the best fund managers are skilled but humble.

Interviewed by piworld’s Tamzin Freeman.

Clare’s background and how it led to Essentia Analytics – 00:43
What data do Essentia look at to track behaviour? – 04:20
In stock picking what information are you looking for? – 06:44
What are typical patterns to focus on for better performance? – 08:26
Is there a different pattern between male and female traders – 12:27
How people behave when momentum is good – 13:00
How easy is it to change behaviours? – 14:50
How much can someone’s performance improve by? 19:32
Does the macro environment impact behaviour? – 20:39
How important is it to believe you can outperform the market? – 22:01
Tools or tips for the retail investor – 25:58
Investing diary – 27:30
Seeing your strengths and weaknesses – 33:09
Book recommendation – 35:28


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