Veltyco Group (VLTY) ShareSoc presentation February 2018

Presentation by Marcel Noordeloos, CFO
Gillies Ohana, NED

Veltyco is active in the online gaming markets, both through marketing and operating its own brands: the company verticals include (1) sportsbook and casino, (2) online lotteries and (3) online trading.

Introduction by CFO – 00:25
Introduction & overview of business by NED – 01:45
Overview of the brands – 05.18 – the market opportunity – 06:29
An attractive business model – 09:00
Growth strategy and recent trading – 10:55
Summarising the investment proposition – 11:51
Financials: P&L – 12:39
Trading update figs 5.2.18 – 13:25
Other highlights – 13:49
Board of Directors – 14:05
Share price since admission to AIM June 16 – 14:22

What’s the revenue split between the verticals? And, there’s a large receivable outstanding in the last set of accounts, could you explain? – 15:15
What impact would banning binary options have on your business? – 17:08
What is the VLTY competitive advantage? How do you mitigate regulatory risk? What’s VLTY’s relationship with – 18:04
Who do VLTY advertise with and if they impose price increases, doesn’t that affect VLTY profitability? – 19:57
What’s the size of the eSport betting market size? Are there any forecast on growth of that market? Do VLTY have quasi monopoly on eSports betting? – 21:45
What are VLTY doing to act ethically within the gaming industry? – 24:20
What do the eight employees do? – 26:00


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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