1pm (OPM) secures international peer-to-peer Fintech funding capability

1pm CEO Ian Smith talks about gaining access to the Mintos marketplace, a leading online marketplace for financing business loans via global retail investors and becoming the first UK based loan originator to join Mintos.

Fintech Strategy – 00:22

What does Mintos Offer? – 01:08

Does this give 1pm a competitive edge? – 1:49

When will the funding start? – 2:25

Commercial terms – 3:05

Amount of funding? – 4:17

How will this benefit 1pm’s profits? – 5:19

The next step with Fintech strategy – 5:55



Videos from 1pm Group

1pm (OPM) investor presentation at Mello London November 2019

1pm (OPM) investor presentation at Mello London November 2019

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1pm (OPM) FY19: interim results January 2019

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1pm (OPM) Full year results September 2018

1pm CEO Ian Smith and CFO James Roberts talk about the Group’s full year results to the 31st May 2018. Introduction – 00:21 Trading conditions – 01:40 Financial highlights – 03:13 Strategy – 05:50 New business – 06:57 Continuing performance – 09:38 Continued expansion – 11:21 Outlook – 12:19   Videos from 1pm Group  
1pm (OPM) Full year 2018 trading update

1pm (OPM) Full year 2018 trading update

OPM FY trading update 27.6.18 6min audio interview with Ian Smith What’s behind the improved revenue and EPS? – 00:28 The market – 01:27 What does ‘50% of current year revenue being held in unearned income’ mean? – 02:12 Costs? – 03:04 Borrow facilities and cost? – 03:55 Integration of acquisitions – 04:54 Outlook – […]

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