WheelieDealer & social media interview with Tamzin Freeman

Tamzin Freeman interviews private investor & blogger WheelieDealer about his take on using social media.

How long ago did you start with social media? – 00:51
What prompted you to start your website? – 02:20
How long does it take you to write a blog? – 04:05
Do you have to do a lot of research? – 04:33
What social media do you use? – 05:15
What do you get out of Twitter? – 06:40
What sort of people have you met through Twitter? – 08:35
Has social media changed your investing? – 10:48
Do you DM or is all your communication public? – 11:50
Which bulletin boards do you use? – 12:49
What are the downsides of social media? – 13:33
How many Tweets do you do a day? – 17:19
How did you learn to use Twitter? – 18:30
What advice do you have for investors who don’t use social media? – 19:10


Wheelie’s Twitter handle: @wheeliedealer

Wheelie’s website: http://wheeliedealer.weebly.com/


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