Coping with the ups & downs with WheelieDealer. Interviewed by Tamzin Freeman

Wheelie helps us to cope with the ups and downs

Pete’s moving tweet – 00:43
What was the catalyst for sending that tweet? – 01:12
Are people asking for investing help, or seeking help on broader issues? – 02:27
Are you looking to help emotionally or with practical help? – 03:14
Are people coming to you because they’ve lost a lot of money, or because they’re too scared to invest? – 04:57
What are the key issues you’re helping people with? – 07:05
How long do you spend on your own investing? – 11:58
How much money do you think you need to start investing? – 15:39
What’s your advice to people, with the recent volatility? – 17:43
Have you increased your cash position? – 22:45
What advice do you have for newbies, to cope with the volatility? – 23:51
And is that the advice your wiser older self would give to that younger self who lost 50% in 2000? – 24:23
What advise do you have for us all from all your mentoring? – 26:04
How do you build people’s confidence? – 28:50


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