John Laing JLEN Capital Markets Day June 2018 Highlights

John Laing Environmental Assets Group Ltd

Highlights from the JLEN CMD June 2018: JLEN Investor session on Anaerobic Digestion

Video: JLEN biogas – 00:23
Chris Tanner: Anaerobic digestion (AD) market overview – 03:03
Chris Holmes: Investment attractions – 06:03
Chris Holmes: Value enhancements – 07:59
William Mezzullo: Risk management – 10:06
Philip Lukas: Future biogas – 12:09
Philip Lukas: AD process – 12:49
Innes McEwan: Feedstock & digestate management – 15:29
Innes McEwan: Sustainability – 16:54

John Laing Environmental Assets Group Limited is a self-managed alternative investment fund. The Company is engaged in investment in environmental infrastructure to generate investment returns. Its investment objective is to provide investors with a sustainable dividend per share, paid quarterly, that increases in line with inflation, and to preserve the capital value of its portfolio over the long-term. Its investment policy is to invest in a portfolio of operational environmental infrastructure projects. It makes investments through a group structure involving John Laing Environmental Assets Group (UK) Limited and additional intermediate holding companies for certain projects. Its portfolio includes onshore wind, photovoltaic (PV) solar, and waste and wastewater processing projects in the United Kingdom. It owns a portfolio of approximately 10 environmental infrastructure investments in the United Kingdom. The Company’s investment advisor is John Laing Capital Management Limited.

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