Newgate Redleaf AI Conf – Kx: “Machine Learning – the growth of Predictive Analytics

James Corcoran, Global Head of Products and Solutions for Kx (part of First Derivatives).

James’ presentation discussed “Machine Learning – the growth of Predictive Analytics”. James has been at Kx for over 7 years and he is responsible for software sales, pre-sales, product design and the implementation of enterprise solutions for all new and existing Kx clients.

Ralph Anderson introduction to conference – 00:09
Introduction to KX – 02:18

James Corcoran opening introduction – 02:28
About KX – 02:55
What is predictive analytics? – 03:56
What does a predictive analytic look like? – 04:54
How long has it been around? – 5:50
How does it work? – 07:18
How will it work? – 07:37
The hype – 08:04
What is Machine Learning? – 10:32
What isn’t Machine Learning? – 11:21
But really, what is it? – 11:41
Real world examples – 13:05
How to implement Machine Learning – 20:10
Modelling – 21:42
Q&A – 23:16


Videos from Newgate Redleaf AI Conference.

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