Newgate Redleaf AI Conf – Hampleton Partners: “Tech M&A in AI – Hype, Hope, Winners and Losers”

Jonathan Simnett, Director, Hampleton Partners.

Jonathan’s presentation looked at “Tech M&A in AI – Hype, Hope, Winners and Losers”, covering the main areas of AI that will be most relevant now, what the conditions for M&A are and why it will be the most important element for investors to consider.

Jonathan has been involved in the enterprise technology business for over three decades, managing and turning around existing businesses and helping management and their investors in fast-growth technology segments to grow, manage change, enter markets, transfer technologies, acquire, merge and sell.

Ralph Anderson Introduction – 00:09
Jonathan Simnett, outline for talk – 00:38
About Hampleton Partners – 01:45
The tech M&A environment – 03:46
The drivers to sell out early – 06:07
M&A is the new R&D, reasons for all the activity – 06:53
The 3rd coming of AI – 09:01
Tech trends, hype or hope – 12:28
Geography – 14:38
Private equity valuations – 15:38
Winners & losers, market overview – 16:20
Total AI deals – 17:56
Who’s buying who? – 19:02
Summary – 21:49
Q&A – 28:33


Presentation slides can be viewed here.


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