Minds + Machines Group (MMX) Presentation at MELLO London November 2018

Minds + Machines (MMX) presentation at Mello London November 2018
By Toby Hall, CEO

Minds + Machines Group Limited and its subsidiaries own and operate a portfolio of generic top-level domain assets (gTLDs). The Company operates in the domain name industry and provides end-to-end domain services. Its segments include Registry ownership (Registry), including applicant of top level domain name from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and wholesaler of domain names of those top level domain names; Registry service provider (RSP) and consulting services (segment B), which includes back end service provider for a registry, and Registrar (Registrar), which includes retailer of domain names. Its portfolio is focused around geographic domains, such as .london, .boston, .miami and .bayern; professional occupations, such as .law, .abogado and .dds; consumer interests, including .fashion, .wedding and .vip; lifestyle, including .fit, .surf and .yoga; outdoor activities, such as .fishing, .garden and .horse, and generic names, such as .work and .casa.

MMX at a glance – 01:10
MMX portfolio – 04:53
The turnaround – 07:23
Global sales channel – 12:20
Growing registration & recurring revenue – 13:20
Ongoing strategy – 16:33
Organic growth – 19:57
Portfolio management – 27:27
Innovation: the digital identifier universe – 30:16
Blockchain: .luxe – 31:32
MMX investment case – 35:05
Summary – 37:11


The presentation slides can be viewed here.

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