Aquis Exchange (AQX) investor presentation April 2019

by Alasdair Haynes, CEO & Jonathan Clelland, CFO & COO

Aquis Exchange PLC, formerly Aquis Exchange Limited, is a United kingdom-based company that operates as a pan-European cash equities trading exchange. The Company’s lit order book allows institutional traders to trade the stocks from 14 European countries. Its Market at Close order type allows members to enter orders on Aquis Exchange at the closing price of the market-of-listing end-of-day auction. It offers trading in a range of European financial instruments, including the constituents of the European indices from various markets. Its software and technology division, Aquis Technologies, develops trade surveillance and matching engine software for banks, investment firms and exchanges. Aquis Market Surveillance is a market surveillance platform for exchanges, multilateral trading facility, brokers and other trading firms. The features of its AMS include case management, market abuse indicators, management information system, order book replay and intraday alert parameter control.

Introduction – 00:18
What is Aquis? – 00:54
Aquis: price movement of trades – 11:00
Competitive edge – 14:11
Market share and listing – 20:03
Transparency: Why does AQX benefit from MiFIDII? – 23:42
The subscription model: 27:37
The scope of the market share, and other asset classes? – 28:32
Capacity? – 31:18
Future potential – 32:44
Pricing – 35:19
Liquidity provided by AQX – 37:46
AQX the disrupter – 40:03
Who are AQX’s customers? – 45:37
Brexit – 46:33
Regulatory capital – 47:28
The customer journey – 49:04
A summary of the investment case – 50:58
Aquis Exchange at a glance – 52:23

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