Sirius Real Estate (SRE) Investor presentation at ShareSoc 10th April 2019

Presentation by Andrew Coombs CEO.

Sirius Real Estate Limited (Sirius) is a real estate holding company. The Company is engaged in the investment in and operation and development of commercial property to provide smart and flexible workspace in Germany. The Company has a portfolio of approximately 60 business parks across Germany. The Company invests in mixed-use commercial real estate assets in Germany, which are sub-divided into offices, storage, production and workspaces, and has over 1.4 million square meters of the total lettable space. The Company’s properties include Sirius Business Park Wuppertal, Sirius Business Park Schenefeld, Sirius Business Park Rostock, Sirius Business Park Mainz, Sirius Business Park Pfungstadt, Sirius Business Park Offenbach, Sirius Business Park Neuss, Sirius Business Park Nuremberg, Sirius Business Park Hamburg, Sirius Business Park Berlin, Sirius Business Park Kassel and Sirius Business Park Markgroningen.

Introduction – 00:19
Net operating income development – 02:22
Assets – 03:31
Why invest in Sirius? – 04:13
Returns achieved – 07:23
Sirius/AXA joint venture – 13:28
Asset management – 15:05
The operating platform – 17:37
Returns profile – 19:10
Portfolio at a glance – 20:17
Value-add portfolio split – 22:12
Earnings & NAV potential – 25:15
Vacant space analysis – 25:42
Original Capex programme – 27:16
Acquisition Capex programme – 27:59
Summary – 28:34
Q&A – 29:42

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