DeepMatter (DMTR) Overview & investment case

CEO Mark Warne presents an overview of the Group, its technology and the investment case.

DeepMatter Group Plc is a big data and analysis company which has built a technology platform – DigitalGlassware™, focused on enabling reproducibility in chemistry. It continues to develop this software to deliver applications resulting in new optimised chemicals, materials and formulations in such commercially significant areas as pharmaceutical research, fine chemicals, scientific publications and teaching. DeepMatter is at the forefront of the digitization of chemistry, which will ultimately see the enabling of an autonomous synthesis engine, the Chemputer™.

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Introduction – 00:17
The technology – 01:07
The roadmap – 02:38
Infochem acquisition – 03:24
The investment case – 04:29

Deepmatter Group Plc, formerly Cronin Group Plc, is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the digitization of chemical space coupled with chemical drug discovery, through its subsidiary, Cronin 3D Limited (Cronin 3D). Cronin 3D is a spin-out company, which is created to commercialize a platform technology to research and develop proprietary chemistry. The platform technology is intended to be used in the discovery, optimization and portable manufacture of small molecules and nano materials, with applications that are relevant in the pharmaceutical, formulation and materials science industries. Cronin 3D’s platform technology comprises a technology to implement a digital code for the discovery and manufacturing of molecules thereby digitizing chemistry, and is enabled through the application of 3D printing and related technologies for proprietary chemistry. Cronin 3D is engaged in developing the Chemputer, an autonomous universal digital synthesis engine.

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