Blue Whale Growth Fund presentation at Mello Trusts & Funds May 2019

By Stephen Yiu, CIO

Introduction – 00:22
What we do – 00:54
Key facts of Blue Whale Growth Fund – 05:15
Investment process – 06:03
Company research – 07:06
Our definition of a high quality business – 08:13
Our approach to valuation – 10:07
Financial modelling & forecasts – 13:25
Portfolio construction – 17:25
What drives turnover? – 20:12
How do we define risks? – 21:07
Portfolio characteristics – 23:31
Portfolio positioning – 25:29
Fund performance – 25:37
Q&A – 25:41

Blue Whale Growth fund is to provide capital growth over the longer term. The Sub-fund will invest substantially in listed equities on a global basis that are listed or traded on worldwide recognised exchanges. The Sub-fund is an actively managed concentrated portfolio and is not restricted by reference to any geographical region, sector or benchmark. The Sub-fund may also invest in other transferable securities, collective investment schemes, deposits and money market instruments. The Sub-fund will normally be fully invested however during periods of uncertain or volatile markets, the Investment Manager may choose to hold high levels of cash and near cash.

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