National Milk Records (NMRP) Presentation at Mello May 2019

By Andy Warne, MD & Mark Frankcom, FD

Introduction – 00:18
Delivering results and passionate about growth – 01:13
Milk we give the provenance of the product – 02:56
We partner & protect; we ensure and assure; we service and support – 03:52
Corporate overview – 05:45
The Board 06:56
What do we do? – 08:03
Revenue streams – 09:53
Milk recording – 10:17
Payment testing – 11:52
Disease testing – 13:10
Genomics – 15:04
Financials – 16:40
NMR Strategy on a page – 19:41
The growth strategy – 24:16
Investment case – 26:05
Liquidity – 27:18
Q&A – 28:45

National Milk Records plc is a supplier of dairy and livestock services. The principal activity of the Company includes provision of management information to dairy farmers through National Milk Records and the provision of milk payment testing services to milk buyers through National Milk Laboratories (NML). The Company is a supplier of milk recording services in the United Kingdom, providing management information on individual cow’s performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility. The Company also supplies aggregate data to over 30 dairy industry bodies, including milk buyers, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Dairy and breed societies. The Company offers various services, including disease testing, GeneTracker, bull semen, monitoring, pregnancy testing, energy balance, microbiology, fatty acid profiling and payment testing. Its software includes Herd Companion, Pocket Companion, iReports, InterHerd, InterHerd+, UNIFORM and Bull Search.

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