Tavistock investments (TAVI) Presentation at Mello May 2019

By Brian Raven, CEO & Q&A with contribution from Oliver Cook, Chairman

Introduction – 00:18
Why invest in Tavistock? – 01:04
Why financial services? – 02:15
The strategy – 03:54
The brand – 05:44
Strategic partnerships – 07:01
Delivering explosive growth & business model – 08:02
The timeline – 11:13
The financials – 11:49
Group structure & detail – 15:57
Our process – 22:45
Leadership team – 23:40
The guaranteed product & Morgan Stanley – 27:41
i-Stock: free of charge account – 31:14
Summary – 33:24
Q&A – 33:54

Tavistock Investments Plc is engaged in the provision of support services to a network of independent financial advisories (IFAs) and the provision of investment management services. The Company’s segments include Investment Management and Advisory Support. The Company operates in three businesses, including Tavistock Partners Limited (Tavistock Partners), Tavistock (Tavistock Financial) and Tavistock Wealth Limited (Tavistock Wealth). Tavistock Wealth provides retail clients with access to institutional quality portfolio management. Tavistock Partners provide administration and accounting services to the IFAs. The Company’s subsidiaries include Tavistock Wealth Limited, Tavistock Partners Limited, Sterling McCall Limited, Cornerstone Asset Holdings Limited and Duchy Independent Financial Advisors Limited.

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