Axiom European Financial Debt Fund (AXI) presentation at Mello Trusts & Funds May 2019

European Financials: Value trap or Investment opportunity
By David Benamou, CIO, Axiom Alternative Investments

Who are Axiom? – 00:17
Performance targets of Axiom credit funds – 00:40
Reasons to invest in Subordinated Financial – 02:50
Banks 2008-2019 – 04:16

Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Limited is a closed-ended investment company. The investment objective of the Company is to provide shareholders with an attractive return, while limiting downside risk, through investment in the regulatory capital instruments, other financial institution investment instruments and in the derivative instruments. The Company seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of financial institution investment instruments. The Company focuses primarily on investing in the secondary market, although instruments has been, and may also in the future be, subscribed in the primary market where the investment manager identifies attractive opportunities. The Company invests its assets with the aim of maximizing returns while diversifying investment risk. Axiom Alternative Investments SARL is the Company’s investment manager.

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