Open Orphan (ORPH) at ShareSoc September 2019

Presentation by Cathal Friel, Co-Founder

ORPH came out of a reverse takeover of Venn Life Sciences earlier this year. Cathal Friel outlines what they’re up to, and their vision.

Introduction – 00:18
A pharma services company – 02:02
The founders – 03:14
The orphan drug sector – 06:48
Combining high-margin pharma with digital & data offerings – 10:35
Founders investment – 12:15
Transforming Venn Life Sciences – 13:04
Targetting to add Eu30m in high margin revenues by 2022 – 15:45
Virtual Rep & Access platform – 18:45
Open Orphan’s Geonomic Health Data Platform – 23:03
Summary – 28:15
Q&A – 30:45

Open Orphan plc, formerly Venn Life Sciences Holdings plc, is engaged in the pharma services business. The Company is also engaged in building an orphan drug consulting services platform that helps pharma companies commercialize their products in Europe. The Company consists of four elements: a European clinical research organization and consultancy; an orphan drug services business; a Virtual Rep and Data Access Platform consisting of physicians, and a Health Data Platform. The Company provides fragmented orphan drug services. The Company acquires and consolidates series of orphan drug services companies. It also provides digital data platforms to support companies in research & development and commercialization.

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