Biffa (BIFF) Capital Markets Day September 2019

Biffa management outline their strategy. This 13 minute video covers the key themes: the I&C consolidation story, which was much talked about at the IPO. The energy from waste. And most exciting, the polymers business with its attractive returns. All divisions operate in a very strong market, driven by government policy and consumer interest.

Michael Topham, CEO
Outlines the day – 00:27
The Strategic Vision – 01:15

Jeff Anderson, COO, Collections
The Growth Opportunity in I&C – 03:19

Mick Davis, COO, Resources & Energy
Polymers – Leading in UK Plastic Recycling – 06:21

Mike Thair, Director of Business Development & Treatment
Developing Energy from Waste Infrastructure – 08:20

Richard Pike, CFO
Funding Biffa’s Sustainable Growth Platform – 09:30

What the analysts say – 11:30

Biffa plc is engaged in waste management business. The Company is engaged in collection, treatment, processing and disposal of waste and recyclable materials, as well as related work in the production and sale of energy derived from waste and the sale of recovered commodities, such as paper, glass, metals and plastic. Its Industrial & Commercial division provides a range of services to corporate, industrial, commercial and public sector customers, including waste collection, sorting services for the recovery of recyclable material and transfer of residual waste, and processing and organizing waste materials for energy recovery as refuse derived fuel. Its Municipal division offers household waste and recycling collection services. Its Resource Recovery & Treatment division focuses on the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, including hazardous waste materials. Its Energy division includes the energy production operations from landfill gas and from anaerobic digestion processes.

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