Pantheon International presentation at Mello Trusts & Funds May 2019

By Helen Steers, Partner and Andrew Lebus, Partner

A fascinating overview of the private equity markets by Helen, followed by Andrew who talks specifically about Pantheon International, and what it offers investors.

Helen Steers, Partner
Introduction – 00:18
Private Equity market – 02:10
Opportunity set in Private Markets – 09:00
Types of private equity – 10:13
Typical private equity structure – 12:11
Lifecycle of a PE fund – 13:07
How PE creates value – 15:27

Andrew Lebus, Partner
Accessing Private Equity – 20:07
What PIP offers – 24:29
Approach for portfolio construction – 26:28
PIP : A cash generative portfolio – 28:16
PIP: Access to international growth companies – 29:32
Summary – 30:43

The Company’s primary investment objective is to maximise capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of private equity funds and directly in private companies.

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