What went wrong at Woodford: A forensic investigation of the Woodford Equity Income Fund history

By Edward Page Croft, Founder Stockopedia, speaking at Mello London 2019.

Ed uses the research tools offered by Stockopedia to expose the investing themes across the lifetime of the Woodford Equity Income Fund. Although nothing can be done to reverse events for Woodford holders, there are insights we can all learn for our own more successful investing; especially with the help of Stockopedia!

Agenda – 01:49
Woodford: The Perpetual Years 1988-2014 – 02:28
2012: A sign of things to come? – 03:07
Woodford Capital: 2014-2018 – 04:31
Stockopedia: framework for analysis – 05:21
Woodford Fund holdings 2014 – 15:03
Woodford Fund holdings 2015 – 21:02
Woodford Fund holdings 2016 – 23:57
Northwest Biotherapeutics – 26:35
Speculative, healthcare, momentum? – 27:47
Woodford Fund holdings 2017 – 28:20
WEIF Assets under management – 28:53
2017 the tipping point – 29:23
PurpleBricks & Burford Capital – 31:16
Woodford Fund holdings 2018 & redemptions – 32:49
AstraZeneca – 37:51
2019 – 38:33
WEIF portfolio over time – 41:20
The insights we can all learn – 46:20

About Edward Page Croft.

Ed has been the steward of the Stockopedia mission since day one with the goal of building the systematic toolkit to solve his own behavioural biases. Ed was an Oxford Scholar, graduating with first class honours before going on to work as an asset manager and private client broker at Goldman Sachs. Ed has a mystery song on Youtube that gets playlisted more than the Beatles and likes to bowl awkward fast medium bouncers.

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