Litigation Capital Management (LIT) investor presentation November 2019

By Patrick Maloney, CEO, and Nick Rowles Davies, Executive Vice Chairman

Patrick and Nick introduce themselves and outline how LIT makes its money.  What they’ve achieved in FY19, and where they see the future opportunities, including corporate portfolio transactions and a trial of insolvency-based claims.


Patrick Maloney, CEO – 00:18

Nick Rowles Davies, Exec Vice Chairman – 02:44

LIT overview – 04:18

How LIT makes its money – 07:48

Accounting policy for revenue recognition – 11:03

LIT’s achievements 2019 – 12:38

Corporate portfolio transactions – 15:50

Diversified current project portfolio & pipeline – 43:05

Trial of acquisition of insolvency-based claims – 44:47


Litigation Capital Management Limited is engaged in the business of providing litigation financing and ancillary services to enable the recovery of funds from legal claims. The Company focuses on financing and management of Litigation Projects. The Company has provided litigation financing to over 40 Completed Litigation Projects, which consisted of approximately 190 cases. The Company sources the majority of its Litigation Projects through referral networks within the Australian legal, accounting and insolvency sectors. Insolvency practitioners represent a source of work as do solicitors within Australian firms who refer insolvency and commercial claims to it. It also receives direct applications. When considering whether to finance a Litigation Project, the Company undertakes analysis of the quantum of the Gross Claim Size and potential Recovery as compared to the likely costs and financing commitment required. The Company’s subsidiary is LCM Litigation Fund Pty Ltd.

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