Biome Technologies (BIOM) presentation at Mello London November 2019

By Paul Mines CEO, Biome Technologies plc

Introduction – 00:17
Group overview – 00:30
Addressing global trends – 00:46
Group profile – 01:16
2019 highlights – 01:32
Investment proposition – 02:43
Biome Bioplastics  – 03:49
Bioplastics a changing market – 03:51
The business – 08:39
Bioplastics growth – 11:05
Industrial biotechnology – 12:30
Stanelco RF Technologies – 15:05
Fibre-optic furnaces – 16:02
Strategy & potential – 16:46
Financials – 17:19
Group: key data – 18:10
KPI’s – 18:51
2019 placing = 19:44
Investment proposition – 20:26
Q&A – 21:22


Biome Technologies plc is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the development of its business in bioplastics. The Company’s operations are focused in two areas: Bioplastics and Radio Frequency (RF). The Company operates through three segments: Bioplastics, RF Technologies and Central costs. The Bioplastics division consists of Biome Bioplastics Limited and Aquasol Limited. The Bioplastics division supplies a range of bioplastic resins that replace existing oil based materials in a range of applications, such as flexible films, molded products, extruded sheets and food wraps. The RF Technologies division consists of Stanelco RF Technologies. RF Technologies division involves the design and manufacture of electrical/electronic systems based on advanced radio frequency technology. The Central costs division consists of senior management, corporate and administration functions, as well as facilities costs.

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