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About us

PIWORLD provides investors with the latest news and insight to listed companies and their management through either live or recorded results presentations, management interviews, Capital Market Days, together with interviews with leading fund managers and private investors in small caps.

Tamzin Freeman

As a successful private investor for more than 20 years, Tamzin Freeman knows exactly what sort of information the investment community wants. She oversees PIWORLD’s production process, ensuring our content meets high standards of quality and relevance. Prior to PIWORLD, Tamzin had a successful advertising and marketing career with top publishers, including Conde Nast.

Tamzin uncropped

Tim French

With credits from world-leading broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC under his belt, Tim French has acquired decades of experience in the television and video industries. His high level of production knowhow enables the team to handle any audiovisual challenge with calm confidence.

Our Services

PIWORLD delivers high quality audio and video content to present anything from full-year & interim results to Capital Markets Days and corporate overviews. We bridge the gap between listed companies and the private investor community, who drive the share price and provide liquidity.  We provide a time and cost effective medium to reach this diverse and important audience.

Commonly we cover:

  • Analyst and investor results presentations
  • CEO interviews
  • Capital Markets Days
  • Remote AGMs
  • Corporate videos