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Xeros Technology Group (XSG)

Video preview for Introduction to Xeros Technologies (XSG) - October 2023

Xeros Technology plc has developed patented and proven, industry-leading technologies which reduce the environmental impact of how industries make and care for clothes.

The traditional wet processing methods used in industrial and domestic laundry and garment manufacturing consume billions of litres of fresh water and large amounts of energy and chemicals, as well as damaging and weakening clothing fibres and creating rising levels of environmental pollution. It is estimated that washing machines contribute 35% of the 171 trillion microplastic particles in the ocean.

A range of actors, including consumers, the media NGOs and regulators are exerting pressure on these industries, with legislative action beginning to be taken.

Xeros’ three main technologies, Filtration, Finish, and Care, facilitate garment manufacturers, industrial laundries, domestic washing machine manufacturers and consumers, to reduce their environmental impact, whilst also significantly improving efficiency in the process.

Xeros’ model is to generate revenue from licensing its technologies, generating royalties and the sale of consumables. Currently there are 8 agreements in place. The addressable markets in Filtration, Finish and Care are estimated to be valued at £350m p.a., £132m p.a. and £3bn p.a. respectively.


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