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AB Dynamics (ABDP)

AB Dynamics (ABDP) presentation at ShareSoc growth seminar October 2017

13 November 2017

AB Dynamics, Tim Rogers CEO, presentation at ShareSoc 10th October 2017


Video: track testing and lab testing – 00:44

Track testing – 01:45

Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator – 02:19

ABDP The business – 04:22

What ABDP do – 04:55

What we really do IP – 05:39

Our capabilities – 06:35

Our products – 07:05

Market size – 08:27

Our customers – 09:00

Geographical split – 10:06

Story of growth – 12:25

On-going growth drivers – 13:45

The new facility – 17:16

Q&A – 18:00

What’s the effect of Brexit? – 18:03

Is there a market to offer testing as a service? – 19:25

Is there a market outside of auto? – 21:13

Tim Roger’s departure – 22:40

Who are the largest shareholders? – 24:45

Are Tesler a client? – 26:36

Do you see yourself moving from testing before sales to testing after sales?
– 27:50

Employee share scheme – 28:30

Competitors – 30:35

The new factory, headway to grow – 32:00

Will the new factory save costs? – 33:25

CAPEX – 34:09


Presentation slides can be viewed here.


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