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eServGlobal (ESG) Interview with Executive Chairman John Conoley

eServGlobal (ESG) Interview with Executive Chairman John Conoley

31 August 2018

piworld investor interview with John Conoley, Executive Chairman, eServGlobal

eServGlobal has two parts to the business, can you explain what each does? – 00:22
Can you tell me more about HomeSend? – 02:18
Did HomeSend come out of ESG and mobile money transfer within ESG? – 03:05
What’s the size of the global money transfer market? – 04:01
What does HomeSend offer that legacy systems don’t offer? – 05:34
Is it the technology that’s different from legacy systems? – 07:16
Can you tell us more about the core business? – 08:20
When do you see it (the core business) returning to breakeven? – 09:20
Is the 50% recurring revenue what we should continue to expect? – 10:19
How did you (John) originally get involved (with ESG)? – 11:07
Which regions are the predominant regions (for ESG)? – 12:23
Are there risks in these regions? – 13:42
What are your aspirations for ESG in the short and medium term? – 14:20
How long does it take for a signed up back to start making transactions? – 15:49
For HomeSend is it labour intensive to on-board banks, or just switching a switch? – 17:34
On the core business, you mentioned corporate activity, can you say more? – 18:00
What should investors look forward to for the rest of the year? – 19:20
How will we know we’re really getting traction with the banks? – 20:00



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