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Ilika (IKA)

Ilika (IKA) Capital Markets Day – December 2021

17 December 2021

The Ilika management team outline the business, the market and the opportunities. Further, five partners illustrate their use of Ilika’s solid state batteries. The day ends with a tour of the facilities. This overview brings to life the scope of applications for both Stereax and Goliath and the path to commercialisation for Ilika.

Graeme Purdy, CEO
00:18 Overview of the day
01:32 Introduction to the presentation
02:05 The management team
03: 51 Business overview & global battery markets
05: 58 Solid state batteries
08:00 The business model: Stereax

John Tinson, VP Sales & Marketing
09:40 Stereax for Smart Orthopaedics
12:10 Nerve Stimulators by Stereax
14:12 Client testimonial: Vitruvens
15:40 Client testimonial: NXT STIM
17:41 Client testimonial: BLINK ENERGY
19:35 Client testimonial: WindTak

Graeme Purdy, CEO
21:08 Goliath addressable market growth

John Tinson, VP Sales & Marketing
24:00 Goliath cells for Super/Hyper cars
26:29 Goliath non-auto application

Robin Bell, VP Product Development
28:45 Goliath Technical progress
29:59 NPD to MVP
30:47 Goliath commercialisation pathway & manufacturing scale-up

Steve Boydell, CFO
32:24 Post year end fund raise
33:00 OTCQX

Graeme Purdy, CEO
34:00 Summary

34:33 Q&A
45:06 Facility tour
49:33 Graeme Purdy reflections on the day.

Ilika plc (LON: IKA) is a pioneer in solid state battery technology with their innovative Stereax micro batteries designed for Industrial IoT and MedTech markets, and their Goliath large format batteries for the electric vehicle and consumer electronics markets. Ilika works closely with its ecosystem of partners to provide them with customisable Stereax micro batteries that provide the specific power requirements their IoT or MedTech application requires. Stereax battery technology offers compelling advantages over conventional lithium ion batteries, including smaller footprint, high energy density, non-toxic materials, faster charging, increased cycle life, low leakage and reduced flammability. Stereax solid state batteries are also customisable in shape and form, stackable and operational at high temperatures.

Goliath is Ilika’s large format Wh-level technology being developed for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and also consumer electronics. Working with partners within its ecosystem, Ilika is building a consortium of global expertise with its Goliath Lead Partnership program.

Find more about Ilika and their innovative solid state battery technology at

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