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Ilika (IKA)

ilika (IKA) ShareSoc presentation February 2018

16 February 2018

Ilika plc is the holding company. The Company is engaged in the production, design and development of high throughput methods of material synthesis, characterization and screening. It has developed solid-state battery technology to meet the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Company has materials development programs addressing a range of applications, including the solid-state battery, aerospace alloys and electronic materials. It has developed a type of lithium-ion battery, which, instead of using the usual liquid or polymer electrolyte, uses a ceramic ion conductor.
It offers Stereax M250 rechargeable, thin film battery. It has applications in autonomous sensor devices, smart homes (heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security, light), automotive (infotainment, sensors), logistics (asset tracking), medical devices (biometric monitoring) and wearables. It is also developing superalloys, self-healing alloys and smart materials for electronic data storage.

Graeme Purdy, CEO

Steve Boydell, Finance Director

c. 30 minutes

Business overview – 00:20

Business model – 01:20

Our production – 02:20

Materials development projects – 03:34

Solid state batteries – 08:10

Stereax Batteries for IoT (Internet of Things) – 12:30

Stereax Applications – 13:23

Stereax road map – 16:03

P180 demonstrator – 17:00

Progress towards mm scale batteries – 17:55

Stereax commercialisation – 18:50

By device & by geography – 20:35

Manufacturing supply chain – 22:05

Strategic considerations – 23:50

2017/18 Outlook – 24:35


What’s the current cash position? – 25: 22

Do you compare yourself with Arm? Are you aiming for the top with IoTs? –

How do you manage fx risk? – 27:51

Are you building relationships with corporates and foundries in parallel? & How far from being used in commercialised products? – 28:17

Will you generate income from the licencing before the royalties come through, and will it be enough to cover costs? – 31:01

With the foundries, if they are they going to use your licence to produce stuff, how much extra capital investment will they have to make? – 31:35

Have you got the 3-d batteries working yet, ie. those one of top of the
other? – 32:22


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.

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