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Image Scan (IGE)

Image Scan Holdings (IGE) presents at Mello September 2017

26 September 2017

Presentation by William Mawer, Chairman & CEO and Vincent Deery, Sales & Marketing Director

Introduction to Image Scan Holdings – 00:23
History of Image Scan – 01:23
Leadership team – 04:37
Progress since 2014 – 06:05
Portable X-ray system – 08:04
FY2017 figures – 09:00
The market: security – 10:15
The product range – 19:47
The market: industrial (emission control) – 24:47
The opportunity: organic & acquisition – 29:43
Summary – 32:55
Why did revenue drop in 2015? – 34:34
How will you raise funds for acquisitions? – 35:45
What proportion of rev is from emission control? – 36:25
What turnover would you need to get to, to make £1m profit? – 36:42
Does the British army use this product? If not who are your reference clients? – 37:24
What is the constraining factor in growth of your client base geographically? – 38:07
Do you manufacture? – 39:26
Do you build to order? – 40:41
How long to fulfil an order? – 41:07
Is the industrial market a greater growth opportunity, than security? – 41:19
Do you get repeat revenue? – 43:33
US market penetration? – 44:08
What’s the size of the industrial market? – 46:07
Is IGE’s size an impediment to growth? – 50:03
What keeps you awake at night? – 51:42


Presentation Slides can be viewed here.

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