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Impax Asset Management Group (IPX)

Impax Asset Management (IPX) Presentation at Mello May 2019

05 June 2019

By Ian Simm, Founder & CEO

Introduction – 00:18
Investment philosophy: A fund that specialises in the transition to a more sustainable economy 02:44
Impax Asset Management – overview – 04:54
Track record of assets under management 1998-2018 – 06:59
Landscape for Investment Managers – 08:20
Drivers for environmental products & services – 11:28
Investment opportunities in Environment markets – 20:18
Contribution to low carbon energy transition – 21:54
Offices and distribution partners – 23:34
Financial year 2018 milestones – 28:06
Financial highlights – 29:02
Shareholder register – 31:46
Q&A – 33:33

Impax Asset Management Group plc is an investment company offering listed and private equity strategies primarily to institutional clients. The Company has six listed equity strategies: Specialists, Leaders, Water, Asia-Pacific, Global Opportunities, and Food and Agriculture. Its real assets business comprises renewable power generation and sustainable property private equity funds. The Company has investments sectors, such as energy efficiency, which includes power network and buildings; alternative energy, which include solar, wind and biofuels; water infrastructure/technologies, which include treatment and utilities; pollution control, which include pollution control solutions, and testing and gas sensing; food, agriculture and forestry, which include logistics and sustainable forestry; waste management and technologies, which include tech equipment and hazardous, and environmental support services, which include consultancies and diversified environmental.


Videos from Impax Asset Management
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