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Judges Scientific (JDG)

Judges Scientific (JDG) 2019 full year results March 2020

28 April 2020

Judges Scientific Chief Executive David Cicurel and Group Finance Director Brad Ormsby present the Group’s 2019 full year results. Recorded 18th March 2020

David Cicurel, Chief Executive.
Introduction – 00:17
About Judges – 00:39
The Judges group – 01:44
Customers – 02:38
Key messages – 03:40

Brad Ormsby, Group Finance Director
Financial highlights – 05:37
Performance – 07:26
Order intake – 08:20
Revenue summary – 09:50
Balance sheet & cash flow – 10:26
ROTIC -12:06
Diversification – 12:51
Financial History – 13:12

David Cicurel, Chief Executive.
Growth drivers – 14:03
Acquisitions – 18:22
Acquisition criteria – 19:55
Post acquisition – 23:28
Outlook – 25:22
Investment case – 28:07

Judges Scientific PLC is primarily engaged in the designing, manufacturing, and sale of scientific instruments. The company operates two main operating segments: Materials Sciences and Vacuum. The firm specializes in the acquisition and development of a portfolio of scientific instrument businesses. The company has operational footprints across the United Kingdom, Rest of Europe, North America, and Rest of the world. The company operates in two operating segments: Materials Sciences and Vacuum.Judges Scientific PLC is engaged in designing, manufacturing and sale of scientific instruments.


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