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Loopup (LOOP)

Loopup (LOOP) at ShareSoc growth seminar November 2017

14 November 2017

Steve Flavell co-CEO and co-founder of LoopUp presents at the ShareSoc growth seminar 8th November 2017

LoopUp Group plc, formerly LoopUp Group Limited, is a software-as-a-service provider of remote meetings. The Company’s product, LoopUp, is designed to eliminate frustrations associated with conference calls and deliver a remote meeting experience for mainstream business users.


Introduction – 00:18

Key facts – 00:55

Market background – 01:44

Financial summary  – 02:54

Why LoopUp? – 04:25

Conference calls, the user experience – 06:30

Risk averse usage environment – 09:45

The product – 14.00

Barriers to entry – 15:57

Customers & revenue model – 16:42

Business development – 17:44

Efficient RoI per sales Pod – 20:44

Growing the Pods & marketing – 22:45

Summary – 23:58



Your competitive position v existing dial in conference systems? – 24:28

How did you develop your pod system & how do you drive sales? – 26:15

Who are your target market? – 29:02

What does a customer pay? – 30:02

Gross margin across the business? – 31:08

Revenue per Pod? – 31:50

Why not increase the number of Pods? – 33:15

What size do you have to reach to be safe in your space? – 34:57


The presentation slides can be viewed here.


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