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N4 Pharma (N4P)

N4 Pharma (N4P) presentation at ShareSoc Growth Seminar November 2017

11 November 2017

N4 Pharma – ShareSoc presentation by CEO Nigel Theobald on November the 8th 2017

Company summary:

N4 Pharma Plc, formerly Onzima Ventures plc, is a UK-based specialist pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in reformulating existing drugs and vaccines to improve their performance. It operates in two divisions: generic and vaccines. Its generics division includes Sildenafil, Sartans, Aprepitant and Single dose Hepatitis B. Its vaccines include Nuvac and Nuvec. The Company is improving Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction. Sartans is a family of drugs known as Angiotensin II antagonists, including Losartan and Valsartan, commonly used for the treatment of hypertension. Aprepitant is an anti-emetic drug used in oncology. It is reformulating the existing Hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine (HBsAg), a sub unit vaccine. Nuvac is a nano-carrier delivery system for vaccines. Nuvec is an engineered silica nanoparticle, which has been designed for the intracellular delivery of large nucleic acids such as plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid and messenger ribonucleic acid.


This video presentation:

Introduction – 00:20
Business model – 01:19
The lead products:
1. Sidenafil MR (Viagra) – 02:13
Bringing it to market – 7:58
2. Nuvec (cancer treatment): Silica nanoparticles vaccine delivery system – 08:58
Size of the opportunity – 12: 50
Route to market – 14:20
Other applications – 15:33
Summary – 16:25

Why is your product superior compared to Zando & Pfizer’s? 18:00
Silica particles – how does it work? – 20:39
How much more cash will you need to generate revenue? – 22:13
What are challenges and hooks for future marketing partners? – 23:49
Do you need regulatory approval? – 27:25
If you fund phase III yourselves, what royalty would you expect? – 28:01
Does the portfolio include any other products? – 28:55


Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


For more information about ShareSoc please visit the website here.

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