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Invinity Energy Systems (IES)

PIWORLD interview: Larry Zulch, CEO, Invinity Energy Systems (IES) & the renewable energy landscape.

07 March 2022

Here, Larry Zulch discusses the implications of the massive increase in energy prices, together with the Ukraine – Russia conflict to drive the transformation to alternative energy; and what that means for the sector and specifically Invinity.

Long duration energy storage (LDES) will be integral to the alternative energy transition. Here Larry explains more about vanadium flow batteries, and other options. LDES will be a £10+ billion market, where Infinity, through the partnership with Siemens Gemesa, target 10% market share by 2030, and providing over 100 GWh during the next 5-8 years. Funding for this will be supported by Governments around the world, in particular, the USA and Germany accelerating their energy transition.

The race is on for this to happen quickly. For Invinity, expect news on the Siemens Gemesa product and commercialisation early next year.

00:48 Is the accelerating cost of oi and gas driving the transition to renewable energy and who will be the winners?
03:50 What are the options for long duration energy storage (LDES)?
05:03 Lithium batteries versus vanadium flow batteries?
06:34 Hydrogen and sodium versus vanadium flow batteries?
09:09 Advantages of Vanadium flow batteries
10:04 What is happening in the USA with Biden’s Infrastructure Bill?
11:08 Something talked about is the frequency response companies exploiting the energy situation supplying the grid using old gas and diesel engines. How much is this happening?
12:46 With the current economic situation, we can see a major move to bring battery metal supply back to the west, does this impact the battery supply chain and of course the LDES situation?
14:42 Does anyone control the source of vanadium, and will demand push the price up?
16:48 How big is the market for long duration energy storage, and what percentage is likely to be taken by vanadium flow batteries?
21:38 How quickly can the renewable energy transition be accelerated, can we get supply on stream within the short term?
23:31 How important to IES is the UK Government award to develop a 40mw project with Pivot Power and EDF? Who else is involved?
28:02 Progress with the Siemens Gemesa joint development project.
30:16 The best geographies for IES production and supply?
32:00 How easy is it to take production from 30 MWh to multiple GWhs?

Invinity Energy Systems PLC, formerly Redt Energy Plc, is a jersey-based vanadium flow battery company. The Company’s vanadium flow batteries are a form of non-degrading energy storage, already deployed and a key alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries. The vanadium flow batteries are a form of heavy-duty, stationary energy storage, used primarily in high-utilization applications such as being coupled with industrial scale solar generation for distributed, low-carbon energy projects. Its flow batteries store energy in a non-flammable, liquid electrolyte, held in tanks within a self-contained module. Its storage markets are Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

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