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Venture Life Group (VLG)

Venture Life Group (VLG) Capital Markets Day - 6th June 2023

12 June 2023

Venture Life Group plc, a leader in developing, manufacturing and commercialising products for the international self-care market, hosted a capital markets event for analysts and investors, on 6 June 2023, senior executives, operational management and product champions presented.

Paul McGreevy, Non-Executive Chair
00:16 – Introduction

Jerry Randall, CEO
01:50 – Introduction
04:36 – Business overview

Daniel Wells, CFO
09:36 – Financial Overview

Jerry Randall, CEO
25:08 – Key brands
25:46 – Introduction to Balance Activ

Dr Shazia Malik, MBChB
31:42 – About BV
44:25 – Why recommend Balance Activ?
46:58 – Womens health trends

Jerry Randall, CEO
50:47 – Introduction to Lift

Vanessa Haydock
54:27 – About Diabetes
59:26 – Lift user experience
01:01:29 – The science behind Lift
1:03:33- The wider market for Lift

Jerry Randall, CEO
01:05:31 – Introduction to Earol

Hillary Harkin
01:10:15 – About Ear wax buildup
01:18:37 – Why recommend Earol?
01:21:12 – Growth opportunities for Earol

Lorenzo Morini, Commercial director
01:23:14 – UK Distribution

Natalia Ocio Mellid, Director of International Brands
01:33:00 – International Distribution

Jocelyn Kirby, Head of E-Commerce
01:42:25 – E-Commerce

Gianluca Braguti, Chief Manufacturing/Operations Officer
01:52:42 – Group CDMO Introduction

Stefania Abbattista, Head of R&D
02:07:05 – Development Capability/NPD

Domenico Barbaro, Purchasing & Supply Chain Group Director
02:15:34 – Supply Chain

Marco Castelnovo, Head of Private International Label & Contract Manufacturing
02:26:12 – Customer Brands

Jerry Randall, CEO
02:34:20 – Conclusion

02:35:57 – Q&A

Venture Life is an international consumer self-care company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising products for the global self-care market. With operations in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden, the Group’s product portfolio includes some key products such as the UltraDEX and Dentyl oral care product ranges, the Balance Activ range in the area of women’s intimate healthcare, the Lift and Glucogel product ranges for hypoglycaemia, Gelclair and Pomi-T for oncology support, products for fungal infections and proctology, and dermo-cosmetics for addressing the signs of ageing. Its products are sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

The products, which are typically recommended by pharmacists or healthcare practitioners, are available primarily through pharmacies and grocery multiples. In the UK and The Netherlands these are supplied direct by the company to retailers, elsewhere they are supplied by the Group’s international distribution partners.

Through its two Development & Manufacturing operations in Italy and Sweden, the Group also provides development and manufacturing services to companies in the medical devices and cosmetic sectors.

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