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A piworld interview: An Hour With Castleford Tiger

A piworld interview: An Hour With Castleford Tiger

11 September 2020

Castleford Tiger has been making around 30-40% annual returns from his small cap portfolio, over time. Here he discusses his investing criteria with some stocks as examples, where he feels there is scope for significant upside.

CT’s career background and how he got into investing? – 00:48
CT’s annual return – 05:24
What CT looks for in those companies in which he invests – 06:40
How long CT holds – 09:10
Mpac Group (MPAC) – 11:00
Tandem (TND) – 17:04 Hargreaves Services (HSP) – 21:00
LPA (LPA) – 27:29 Robinson (RBN) – 28:37
Manx Financial (MFX) – 30:08
Do you ever get it wrong? – 31:46
Why do you post on bulletin boards? – 36:20
Q&A – 39:00 On The Beach v Dart (DTG)/Jet2 – 39:20
Number of stocks in CT’s portfolio – 42:38
What other metrics does CT use for research? – 43:50
Hargreaves Service (HSP) – 46:57
Access to management – 50:27

Andrew Robinson (Castleford Tiger) is a accountant, he runs a family food & drinks business and has interests in retail property. Andrew has invested since winning an investing competition whilst at University. (Latterly he went back and taught investing to under grads at his university, but sadly no longer has time for this.)

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