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EIS investing with Tim J Grattan

EIS investing with Tim J Grattan

10 January 2020

Tim gives us a tremendous overview of EIS investing, why governments offer EIS tax breaks, what they are, how to take advantage of them, the pitfalls, and his overall performance during the 10 years he’s been doing them. A great personal insight.

Tim Grattan’s background – 00:29
What is an EIS and why does the Government offer them? – 02:14
Have EIS schemes created growth in those companies? – 04:30
Will the tax incentive be taken away? – 05:27
The EIS tax benefits – 06:14
What’s the difference between a VTC and EIS? – 11:00
What are the capital limits for an EIS? – 11:38
What qualifies an SME for EIS? – 13:39
What type of EIS do you favour? – 17:05
Nex Markets – 22:44
Do any companies fall foul of their EIS requirements? – 23:15
What are the risks with EIS investments? – 25:47
What are your preferences for EIS opportunities? – 27:06
The winners and losers over the last 5 years – 28:24
What level of research do you do? – 34:35
What’s your overall performance been over the last 10 years? – 38:00
Why would you sell out before the 3-year period? – 38:54


About Tim J Grattan

Tim completed his post grad degree in Synthetic Chemistry in 1983 and then took up a position in the Pharmaceutical Industry working in Pharmaceutical development, he continued his career in the Pharmaceutical Industry working for a number of companies in different roles within R&D and took early retirement following a departmental reorganisation at his last employer having completed 24 years in the industry. Tim first became involved with share investments through the Thatcher era privatisations which lead to an interest in the wider market and he is now a full-time investor, focusing mainly on tax advantaged UK listed shares, namely VCTs and EIS qualifying AIM quoted shares in the Tech and Pharm Tech sectors.

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