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Lord Lee – A taste of Stock Market Investment: Part 2

Lord Lee – A taste of Stock Market Investment: Part 2

30 August 2019

A piworld interview.

Lord Lee, the veteran of stock market investing, continues to impart his wisdom. In this interview, he reflects on stock market cycles, and shares some of the companies he’s buying into after his windfall from Tarsus.

What have you learned from stock market cycles throughout your investing history? – 00:35
Your cash position? – 04:18
Portfolio positioning with the economic cycle – 07:38
What mistakes have you learnt the most from? – 08:45
What are the catalysts to sell? – 11:12
Do you think meeting management is positive or negative? – 15:34
Who would you nominate top CEO? – 19:57
Funds v shares? – 22:22
What’s Lord Lee adding to? – 23:20
Photo-Me – 26:05
Where do you source your stock ideas? – 27:24
What might lead young people to start investing? – 30:04
Where you can buy Lord Lee’s book, and who it’s for – 32:12

Lord Lee has just published an introduction to investing for his grandchildren: Yummi Yoghurt: A First Taste of Stock Market Investment! Find it here on Amazon:

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