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Mello Derby 2018: Leon Boros, how to become an ISA millionaire and still be wrong most of the time ©

Mello Derby 2018: Leon Boros, how to become an ISA millionaire and still be wrong most of the time ©

10 November 2018

In this presentation Leon covers the performance of the best professional investors, based on the must read book: The Art of Execution, and discusses the findings of the different personality types. Leon starts with an enlightening poll to test the room on their behaviours. This serves to show the different trading behaviours of the personality types cited: rabbits, assassins and hunters. He goes on to cover what do with winning holdings, with the characteristics of the raider and connoisseurs. Then he takes the same filters as those outlined in the book, to scrutinize his own historic performance, under the same microscope, and highlights some interesting findings. Finally, he offers his own stock pick.

This is the calibre of Keynote Speakers at Mello.

Mello London (26/27th November), is two days of similar Keynote speakers including Lord Lee of Trafford, Judith MacKenzie, Downing, Paul Scott and Graham Neary, plus a wide selection of interesting small cap companies, alongside Stockopedia, ShareSoc and other supporters of the investing community.

To book, use this link to the MELLO 2018 website.

Poll – 01:50
– What’s your portfolio worth?
– Other behavioural questions
Introduction to Leon Boros – 05:24
ISA value – 05:50
The art of execution – 07:18
The rabbit – 10.40
The assassin – 17:15
The hunter – 21:48
I’m winning what should I do?
The raider – 22:50
Connoisseurs – 27:40
Performance states over 25 yrs – 32:00
Outstanding performance – 38:42
Stock idea – 39:44

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