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Mello Derby 2018 - Women in investing panel discussion

Mello Derby 2018 - Women in investing panel discussion

31 May 2018

Chair & panelist – Lucy Tarleton, Director, Capital Markets at PwC
Judith MacKenzie – Partner & Head of Public Equity
Leon Boros – Private Investor (ISA Millionaire)
Tamzin Freeman – Private Investor & piworld founder

Introduction & background – Lucy Tarleton – 00:22
Introduction by the panel – 02:22
Is there diversity in the investment community? – 04:30
Why are there less women investors? – 06:40
When it doesn’t go to plan 14:30
Emotional intelligence – 17:44
Quality of life in finance – 18:40
Are women interested in finance? – 21:12
Why do the panel invest? – 22:13
Is the finance and investment community doing anything to engage with young females? – 25:37
Character traits of women v men – 29:05
What role does gender diversity play in your investments? – 30:58
Female NEDs – 33:58
The most predictive indicator of a girl’s future success is their mother’s success. Setting examples – 35:56
What policies are your firms doing to cater for working parents? – 40:58
Conclusion – 44:45

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