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Newgate Redleaf AI Conf – RazorSecure: “Cyber Security and Transport – protection on the move”

Newgate Redleaf AI Conf – RazorSecure: “Cyber Security and Transport – protection on the move”

24 July 2018

Alex Cowan, Chief Executive Officer, RazorSecure.

Alex’s presentation discussed “Cyber Security and Transport – protection on the move” highlighting the processes, requirements and challenges facing companies today.

Alex Cowan started RazorSecure after 15 years in the gaming industry working on massive multiplayer games with hundreds of thousands of players and thousands of servers. During that time, he worked in developing software to manage credit card payments and live operational systems as well as dealing with hackers trying to gain an advantage over other players. He saw an opportunity to manage cyber security in a different way, using machine learning with a focused approach to individual systems rather than focusing on network traffic. RazorSecure now provides its patented machine-based learning software to transport system suppliers and operators across Europe.

Ralph Anderson introduction: 00:10

Alex Cowan, RazorSecure introduction – 00:36
Introduction to Cyber Security – 02:11
Frameworks & legislation – 03:43
The layered approach – 06:27
Intrusion detection – 07:34
Anomaly detection – 10:07
Signature based, focussed on the past – 11:10
RazorSecure Delta – 11:44
RazorSecure’s approach to Machine Learning – 13:00
The power of grouping – 13:55
The cyber kill chain – 14:37
Clients – 17:50
The next 5 years – 18:48
Q&A – 19:00


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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