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Newgate Redleaf AI Conference – Centre for Cities: “The future of work in Cities in the UK”

Newgate Redleaf AI Conference – Centre for Cities: “The future of work in Cities in the UK”

28 July 2018

Elena Magrini, Researcher, Centre for Cities.

Elena’s presentation covered “The future of work in Cities in the UK”, highlighting the likely changes in jobs across a range of sectors and how this will affect the UK economy.

Elena joined the Centre as a Researcher in April 2017, and has an interest in education, inequality, and migration. Previously, she was a policy intern at Universities UK where she conducted research on degree apprenticeships, and a research intern at the New Local Government Network where she worked on employment and skills, and community asset transfers. Elena holds an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London and a BSc in International Economics from Bocconi University.

Ralph Anderson, Introduction – 00:09
Implications of AI for jobs – 00:28
Geographic areas at higher risk – 03:02
Characteristics of higher risk cities – 04:42
The history of industrial revolution – 05:12
What will happen? What jobs will grow? Where? – 06:54
What are the challenges? – 10:55
How can we ensure all areas prosper? – 12:30
Q&A – 15:20


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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